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Shannon Mitchell
Shannon Mitchell

My mission is serving women during pregnancy, birth and parenting. My vision, begun in 1998, is providing local resources, information, and support to women looking for choices in birth. I envisioned mothers who had information at their fingertips, could make decisions for themselves and then support other women navigating their pregnancies and birth. A birthing community built through service, one woman at a time.

I recently relocated to Sammamish, King County, Washington, serving women in the greater Puget Sound and Eastside areas. I am always willing to make exceptions for any mothers wanting me to travel to them at a greater distance.

Since I attended my first birth in 1992, I have attended births at home, birth centers and hospitals. My first birth doula training was in 1999, after extensive research on normal birth and breastfeeding and I’ve been supporting pregnant women since in an ever-expanding capacity to help them reach their needs.

My recent relocation from being a native of Florida, serving first the Tallahassee, then the Greater Tampa Bay and Citrus County areas has made me available to the women in Washington and I’m looking forward to getting to know the area!

doulaOne of Shannon’s earliest births!

Some of my more recent educational experience:

  • CPR for Healthcare Professionals (renewed March 2016)

  • Mercy In Action’s Birth Assistant Training (January 2016)

  • Renewed Neonatal Resuscitation (January 2016)

  • Lamaze’s Passion for Birth childbirth education training for midwives and student midwives in February 2012, including passing the certification exam in October 2012

  • Certified Lactation Counselor training with the Center for Breastfeeding in February 2012, including recertification as a CLC

  • The Trust Birth Conference in Nashville April 2012, including sessions on shoulder dystocia, hormones of birth, oxygen at homebirth, normal birth practices and exercises for healthy birth, rebozo training with Gena Kirby, and certifying in Neonatal Resuscitation.

  • Attended and spoke at the VBAC Summit in Miami, August 2012

  • Breech Conference in November 2012

  • Midwifery Skills Training in January 2013

  • Spinning Babies workshop in February 2013

  • Waterbirth workshop March 2013

  • Gena Kirby’s Rebozo Workshop March 2013

Previous or ongoing Education, Certifications and Memberships:

  • La Leche League

  • Florida Friends of Midwives

  • Childbirth International (Labor Doula) since 2006

  • Lifetime subscriber of International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN), former Board Member/ICAN of the Suncoast Chapter Leader for 5.5 years

  • Trained with DONA (1999, 2003) and CAPPA before choosing CBI

  • FOCEP Childbirth Educator Training (1999)

  • Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) supporter

Are you looking for a doula? Breastfeeding help? Have other needs or looking for answers to questions?

Contact Shannon at shannon @ exhalebirthservices.com for help in answering your questions about birth, nurturing or breastfeeding your baby, and/or for assistance with childbirth education or professional labor assistance during your birth.

Shannon can also be reached via phone at 727-667-8039

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