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Pumping? Bag tips here!

For a year, my daughter pumped over 100 gallons for a surrogate baby.

Here’s her review of some well-known breastmilk storage bags. While bags may change, this still gives you some basic tips of what to look for or what you do/don’t want when storing!

Post Edited to Add:

Honeysuckle bags were not available as of 2/24/2018, the company website is no longer responsive. Other bag companies have adopted their style, however.

Taking Medications While Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Here are some quick resources you or your doctor might need.

Many medications are listed as “not safe” but without details of why, side effects, contraindications, or the effects when combined with other medications. These types of warnings are often just general liability statements. For ACTUAL risks and ACCURATE information regarding a medication, please search the LACTMED database. If this is not enough information, please contact the Infant Risk Center/Dr Thomas Hale mentioned below. Dr Hale also has a downloadable app for his books.

For information specifically regarding the use of isotopes for radiology and/or treatment:

The Infant Risk Center is a national research facility for breastfeeding. If your provider has questions about medications or you need more information, please contact them.

Other references:


Welcome to Exhale Birth Services, formerly “Your Birth Path”. I originally chose the name, “your birth path” to describe meeting women where they were at and helping them to travel their own path through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting. As time has moved forward, I find that more and more women are looking for a space to breathe, to feel good about pregnancy, to let go of their worries while learning more about their specific needs, options and choices.

You might be looking for guidance, you might be looking for a friend on the journey or you might be looking for a change in direction. Whatever your needs are, I hope that you find something here that you can take away for your journey.

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