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Pumping? Bag tips here!

For a year, my daughter pumped over 100 gallons for a surrogate baby.

Here’s her review of some well-known breastmilk storage bags. While bags may change, this still gives you some basic tips of what to look for or what you do/don’t want when storing!

Post Edited to Add:

Honeysuckle bags were not available as of 2/24/2018, the company website is no longer responsive. Other bag companies have adopted their style, however.

What to Drink during Labor?

Looking for what to drink during labor?

  • Water!
  • Avoid broths that have heavy fat content
  • Electrolytes!
    • Homemade lemonade or limeade with sugar or stevia
    • coconut water with orange juice to cut the taste (Thanks for the tip, Elizabeth!)
    • Here are some laboraide recipes to help keep your fluid intake balanced even if you can’t keep food down. Remember, these are safe for pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding!