Upcoming Info on Giving Birth!

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Upcoming posts:

  • http://apps.leg.wa.gov/WAC/default.aspx?cite=246-329-085Patient’s Bill of Rights and Responsibilities
  • Ceserean section rates and VBAC availability in our area
  • What makes a midwife and what kinds of midwives do I have access to?
  • Newborn tests
  • “Offer” not “Require”
  • Is “mandatory” HIV testing refusable?
  • Why not a cesarean/cesarean birth plan/recovering from a cesarean
  • breastfeeding/safe bottlefeeding
  • local breastfeeding support/LLL groups
  • other midwifery and maternal support helps (UF, Crisis Pregnancy Centers)
  • Brewer’s Diet and nutrition in pregnancy
  • Health Self-assessment
  • Diabetic/GD Pregnancy
  • Is Induction Necessary?
  • Birth plans
  • Fears in pregnancy
  • Spinning babies or “What is my baby doing” and “Is my baby breech?
  • Plus-size pregnancy
  • how to find statistics on birth in Washington
  • newborn testing


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