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Q. Do you offer a military discount?

As all my client fees are negotiated with the client, this is a definite yes! I am thrilled to help make sure that military families can afford my services!

Q. Do you have a scheduling deadline?

If I have no other doula clients in labor, I do not have a required scheduling deadline.  I know that sometimes, we don’t realize we need labor support until the last moments or until something changes drastically with our plans. If I am not at another birth, I will do my best to come to you or help you find another doula who can be there!

Q. Do you replace fathers at the birth? Won’t they feel left out?

Absolutely not. The mother and father of this baby will be the people who move forward together to create a family. It is my job to help that cohesion happen, encouraging him to be a part of things in every way he feels comfortable and mother needs while being his support for times he needs education, technique pointers, or to step away. 





Q. Do you offer placenta encapsulation?

One of the things that I earnestly strive for is honest and open information and care. At this time, there is no evidence base that shows placenta encapsulation is safe or effective. Placentas have not been studied for hormone content or nutrient transfer for postpartum moms nor have they been studied for safety and/or appropriate standards to ensure safety if eaten (free of infection, contamination, and/or accumulation of harmful materials). If studies arise that offer these minimum standards of assurance, I’ll be happy to offer encapsulation.

At this time, however, we have nothing to go on beyond observance and older science that shows that IMMEDIATELY after birth, a small piece of raw placenta  or chewing on the umbilical cord may help to prevent postpartum hemorrhage. This is not the same as ingestion or encapsulation.

If you choose to encapsulate your placenta, I can refer you to other providers who have chosen to pursue that service. I believe in a mother’s right to choose alternative care, even if I am not the one providing it!