Looking for a Birth Doula? Monitrice? Labor Support?

Why should you hire a doula?

Hiring a doula helps you to clarify your needs during pregnancy, labor and birth. They will help you to learn about comfort measures, offer educational or informational support if you have questions, support you in your decisions regarding place of birth or choice of care provider, and help you learn what you need to experience  your birth as powerful, healthy, and in the way you desire bringing your baby into the world. As a doula, one of my most important roles is helping to incorporate your partner or family in your birth in the way that they feel the most comfortable. I take it very seriously that every birth is the beginning of a new family and try to help that family be the strongest it can be!

I’m going to be honest, you may not need a doula! Not every woman chooses this route of support. All I ask is the opportunity to interview with you and see if there is something that a doula can do for you.

You may also not need ME as your doula! I love it when women interview around and find the doula that best suits her needs. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s not. It’s not about me, it’s about you and your birth and knowing your options!

How much does a doula cost?

I chose to become a doula in 1999 when I gave birth to my daughter without the support of a partner. There is no mother who should give birth alone if she can have someone there to support her. I strive to meet the needs of women so my fee schedule can be requested by emailing shannon @ exhalebirthservices.com with your name and due date.

You can check my availability for the upcoming three months here:

Shannon Mitchell’s Doulamatch profile

What is included in your services?
  • Access to the lending library of books and other media, birth balls, rebozos and other supplies for birth
  • 2 week before/after estimated due date (EDD) commitment to be at your birth
  • 24-hr on call help for any questions you might have
  • help with breastfeeding establishment
  • a caring individual for support during your labor
  • discounts on other services (Childbirth education), Mother’s Blessings, Belly casting, and more!

What if I have special needs?

I have served many women in a wide range of birthing situations, from VBAC to medically necessary cesareans, specialized physical handicaps, and deaf mothers. I am always open to helping women to give birth no matter what their specific need is.