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Is Home Birth Legal in Washington State?

Yes, and you can birth with a wide variety of providers from community midwives to licensed midwives to certified nurse-midwives.

Traditionally, community midwives are the midwives who were trained by others as apprentices. Their training varies from apprenticeship to completion of midwifery programs and beyond. There is no requirement and no limit to how they may have been educated. It’s up to you, the client, to ask about their training. In recent years, Washington state has severely damaged the role of community midwives by passing laws restricting them from accepting payment and/or advertising. These restrictions do not affect their ability to serve at births, just their ability to be paid for their hard work. Community midwives have always been the backbone of homebirth midwifery in Washington.

Licensed midwives are required to have a CPM credential, are allowed to accept payment and advertise and have legal requirements to follow. They can offer home or birth center births. For more information, check here:


Also, if you are looking for a homebirth midwife, WARM may be able to help you:


Certified Nurse-Midwives, Naturopaths, Family Practitioners and Obstetricians also offer home birth in the state of Washington or are legally allowed to do so, whether at home or in birth centers.