References and Mother’s Stories

This page is dedicated to the mothers I’ve served and their shared photos or stories. 🙂

First time parents!




K after her first VBAC (she’s had more!) Tears of joy!



WP_20141219_014 L and C, scheduled cesarean after partial placental abruption. Skin to skin in the OR and nursing immediately after 🙂

“Shannon alone held my hand through every scary part of this pregnancy and was a vital support resource.” – Thankful repeat client.



W and T,  first time parents!IMG_0001






100_6492 aliyah wanda editW and A. Second VBAC, beautiful homebirth of an almost 11lb baby with her daddy, brother and sister welcoming her!









“Shannon was an integral part of my VBAC team — and I did not have a VBAC! I planned for a VBAC, but instead labored for 7 hours and had a c-section for my breech boy. Shannon’s support, throughout my pregnancy and during 16 hours of labor, were invaluable, and it was key to have her on my team when I was in recovery for the c-section and couldn’t speak for myself. ” DPW, Tampa

One mama that I got to birth with TWICE! 2005-06-20 Doula Shanon and Sherine





2018 – An uncomplicated vaginal birth after a three-day induction that worked mom, doula and translator to the limits!

Facebook Reviews

Mine T. reviewed Exhale Birth Services — 5 star
January 26, 2017Shannon made my pregnancy and birth experience a total positive, deep and touching story. She thought me and my husband all details of child birth and being a family, and she was on my left side during my long labor on thanks giving day! I can’t thank enough Shannon for being such a valuable support for me and my husband. We recommend her to everyone.”
Alison  reviewed Exhale Birth Services — 5 star
December 7, 2016Shannon is just amazing. She is so very caring and incredibly wise. I am extremely thankful for her help before, during, and after the birth of my second daughter. 

Elizabeth, 2018 “Had a homebirth and water birth with a happy, healthy, positively peaceful little babe!” Our second birth together!

Photo courtesy of
Grace P. reviewed Exhale Birth Services — 5 star

“Shannon has attended my first vba2c. She has assisted by phone for a repeat vba2c, and she has assisted by phone my sister-in-law birth as a proxy through me. I really can’t say enough good things about her during the birthing process. She knows her business well and not only helps you as part of her job, but loves it! She puts her heart into it, and cares deeply. I truly feel like I wouldn’t have been able to vba2c without her help. I had zero medical support. I’ve seen other midwives and have spoken to other doulas. I have found nobody with the same love and passion for helping people as Shannon! Thank you, Shannon, for answering all my texts and questions even in the middle of the night!”

Debbie F. to Exhale Birth Services January 20

Shannon is not only a friend but an excellent doula/midwife.
My daughter gave birth to her first daughter and my first grandbaby last year under Shannon’s guidance from a distance. My daughter was nearing 42 weeks and we had walked and walked as well as all the other labor inducing actions we could do. As my daughters doula, I told my son in love some of the labor inducing things he ‘needed’ to do and to get busy, yet all of this still did not get little Selah to make her debut however. Trying to discern what more we could do without needing to check into a hospital and going the route of induction, something none of us wanted to happen, Shannon would ever so calmly reduce our concerns and fears. All the knowledge and education someone can have doesn’t always ease the tension and stress when your faced with the very thing you really didn’t want to face. Shannon came along side me and answered question after question, spoke truth about reaching the 42 week guess date and helped us all to keep a sound mind while waiting. Shannon’s calm demeanor matches my own but like I said, when your in the midst of your experience sometimes all the soundness of mind, education, and knowledge somehow seems to go out the window especially when its your daughter giving birth.
I want to say thank you to you Shannon for being there when we needed you most and offering your expertise. Yes, expertise, you’re a wealth of knowledge when it comes to birth.
If your considering having Shannon a part of your birth experience, I highly recommend her. You will love your birth story if you do.
Love you Shannon!”

Nicole  August 9, 2016SeattleSo grateful for you shannon!”
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