Wanting a Mother’s Blessing?

At its heart…a Mother’s Blessing is just this…helping an expecting mother feel loved and cared for while awaiting her newborn.WP_20140415_039

Mother’s blessings can take many forms: a circle of women, flowers, candles, a bead necklace, a path to walk, poetry or readings, it can be more or it can be simplicity itself. They can take on whatever spirituality that the mother expresses, no matter her faith, or it can be based in her faith and along her lines of belief. Mothers deserve time and care and preparation for their births, enveloped in a feeling of safety and warmth and surrounded by other women who love them.

If you areĀ considering hosting a mother’s blessing for a friend or hosting your own mother’s blessing to invite in your loved ones, whether it’s 2 or 20, give me a call. I can help you plan while ensuring that we protect and respect the mother’s space.

shannon @ exhalebirthservices.com

“Shannon’s mother blessing is not to be missed. She captures the mother’s essence and shares it with the women supporting that mother. Each woman leaves with her cup overflowing with love, hope, and strength.” -S.B. (2015)